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Via Lingua International organizza corsi TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) per insegnanti. I corsi di formazione Via Lingua sono accreditati e inoltre sono riconosciuti come crediti per un titolo "Master" in TESOL.

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TEFL Certification with Via Lingua in Florence, Italy - 2024

Earn a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

• 4-week, 130-hour intensive TEFL certificate course

• 10 hours observed teaching practice

• Internationally experienced TEFL trainers

• Internationally recognized TEFL certificate

• Global TEFL employment assistance

About Via Lingua

Via Lingua is one of the world's largest TEFL certification providers, and our TEFL course, continuously developed by our Academic Board, is one of the most thorough and up-to-date in the world today. Including 130 hours of expert tuition and 10 hours of teaching practice, the TEFL course exceeds international standards for TEFL certification. To guarantee the highest academic standards, the course is externally moderated by Hunter college department of EFL at City University of New York.

Through our Job Guidance Program we aim to assist all of our graduates in full-time EFL employment on successful completion of the course. Through our offices and contacts worldwide, Via Lingua are uniquely placed to give you the best professional help and advice, wherever you wish to start your TEFL career. We extend the same help and advice to all of our graduates in all countries, irrespective of where and when you took your original course with us.

Once you are a Via Lingua graduate you are always a Via Lingua graduate. We like to keep in contact with our 5000+ graduates all around the world and develop our network of contacts. Wherever you want to go tomorrow, we believe that we can help to take you there. (



  • Welcome breakfast
  • Course fee (tuition, all course materials, unlimited use of all training center facilities
  • Course moderation fee & certification
  • Graduation ceremony & typical Tuscan lunch
  • Lifetime job guidance
  • Italian lessons included!

Visit the Florence Teacher Training website:


My Experience Teaching at The American Language Center


            "It had always been a dream of mine to move to Italy and become a part of society there. I wanted to interact with the locals and immerse myself in the culture. After studying abroad in Florence during college I knew that I loved the city, but I stayed in my “student” bubble and felt that I missed out on a lot of unique experiences. Since I graduated with a degree in education, I researched teaching in Italy and found programs for TEFL certification courses.

            My boyfriend and I registered to begin the TEFL certification course in Florence at Via Lingua. The four-week intensive course taught us how to use the Communicative Method while teaching in a language class. Not only did we study English grammar and structure, but we also practiced teaching with real Italian students. After the practice and positive feedback from the instructors in the course, I really felt prepared to teach in my own classroom.

            Via Lingua was very helpful and was happy to share job openings and interview instruction with the TEFL students. I was lucky enough to be hired at The American Language Center. As soon as I was hired, my mentors trained me with the logistics of teaching private students, group classes, and test prep. I always felt comfortable asking questions to the staff, Tom and Stephanie. Since the staff was very small, we were able to work together and collaborate on lesson plans or even grammar questions. We met as a team every trimester to talk about how classes were going and what we could do to improve.

            I taught a variety of different classes and levels. I had private language students, SAT prep, TOEFL prep, beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced languages classes, and beginner and advanced Business English classes. As my experience continued to grow I felt as if I could walk in to any classroom and teach a lesson for any level. The students at ALC were very happy to be in small classrooms and a more personal environment. I was able to form a relationship with a lot of my students that made them feel comfortable to learn and make mistakes. I was excited to go to work every day and hear my students improve their English.

            In addition to teaching SAT prep, I worked with Travis, Stephanie and Tom to administer the SAT test at ALC. I loved helping the high school students get through the standardized test with ease. Through personal experience I know how stressful it can be to sit through a four-hour exam, so I was happy to make the students feel comfortable and answer any questions they had.

            The staff at ALC was really a tight-knit family. I became very close to all of my co-workers and even enjoyed time with them outside of the school. Working at ALC gave me that unique cultural experience and I was able to become part of society in Florence."


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