Preparazione Esami ONLINE

L'Istituto Americano ha sviluppato una piattaforma di preparazione esami "online" per la lingua inglese.

Scegli il corso piu' adatta a te e prepara per i test con i nostri corsi online! 


  • Prep Programs for SAT, ACT,  GRE,  TOEFL IBT, TOEIC and IELTS

  • Interactive Business English Training

  • Interactive Cultural Awareness Training

  • Online modules, units, quizzes, questions, activities and exercises

  • Simulations and assessments

  • Check results, notifications and messages



    Una cosa dove ci sentiamo molto fieri è che siamo sia il centro d’esame in Piazza della Repubblica che siamo specializzati per la Preparazione sugli esami di certificazioni come i (SAT, TOEFL, ACT, GRE e iTEP). Tanti dei nostri ragazzi affrontano questi esami per poi far domanda alle università americane, del Regno Unite o Australia. Quindi facendo questo procedimento aiutiamo con la Consulenza Universitaria.



Prep Program for the TOEFL® & TOEIC® Exam and IELTS Exam

These programs offers strategies, techniques, tips, and tricks that will help improve scores on language proficiency exams. Throughout the program, learners take multiple practice tests that provide them with constructive feedback to improve scores.

Advanced Business English

This course is composed of modules that develop global business communication skills such as giving and receiving feedback, making small talk, giving a presentation, or running a meeting. The program is designed to fit into a busy schedule.

Living in the USA: Cultural/Academic Transitions

This program is designed to help the first time college student and non-native English speakers who are transitioning into the culture of the United States.

LearningU courses can be easily integrated with an institution’s offerings or can be completed independently on your own platform.

LearningU produces each course using experts in cross-cultural education, technology, and instructional design. This helps when creating courses that maximize student engagement and learning.

LearningU brings online ESL courses and resources to organizations, without the worries of a schedule or a classroom. Your students can learn when they want, where they want.

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