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The American Language Center of Florence provides personalized university/college advising services for US and UK higher education, as well as Italian universities offering degree programs in English (Bocconi, Luiss, etc.).

We provide assistance in preparing for the tests, completing all aspects of the application process, and gathering the essential documentation. We also provide expert guidance in selecting universities and colleges, preparing personal statements and letters of recommendation, as well as all legalized translations.


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Richiesto per ammissione


Richiesto per ammissione


Richiesto per ammissione


Richiesto per ammissione


Richiesta per ammissione

Requisiti Fissi: Formazione accademica e Livello d’Inglese - Interessi extra-curriculari - Punteggio SAT, TOEFL e GMAT - Esperienze all’estero.
Requisiti Non Fissi: Motivazione - Progetti personali e professionali - Personalità - Attività extracurriculari

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