Study Abroad Programs in the USA


Study in your ideal setting!

With 50+ study locations in the United States, the American Language Center of Florence has a perfect location for you.

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Why choose the United States?

Explore the unique personalities of all 50 U.S. states. Take adventures to national and state parks and monuments. Sample eclectic dining options and regional cultural offerings like music, art, and architecture. Study at world-famous universities. Benefit from unsurpassed work experience opportunities.


Academic English Programs


If your goal is to attend a college or university, complete Level 109 or 112 of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. The Certificate of Completion you will earn is accepted by more than 650 colleges and universities worldwide as proof of the English proficiency required for admission.


United States

English for Academic Purposes - USA

The English for Academic Purposes Program is for international students who want to attend a college or university abroad, including students who wish to apply for conditional admission to any of ELS's 650+ partner institutions.


General English Programs

Develop your listening, speaking, reading, and general communication skills in the General English program. The Semi-Intensive English and American Explorer programs offer classes in the morning and allow you time to explore your surroundings and practice improving your English.

United States

General English - USA

Our General English program helps you communicate more accurately and efficiently. 

Semi-Intensive English - USA

Learn English while still having the freedom to explore your surroundings.

American Explorer - USA

Enrich your vacation in the United States with English language instruction.


Business Communication Programs

Achieve your professional goals and strengthen your English proficiency through Business Communication programs!

United States

Business English - USA

Develop the English communication skills you need to be competitive in global business.

English for Executives - USA

Increase your career-specific English proficiency with English for Executives.



Testing and Test Preparation Programs

Learn valuable standardized test-taking strategies, practice your language skills, and increase your confidence in ELS's Testing and Test Preparation Programs.

United States

The Complete Prep Program for the TOEFL iBT® - USA

This 12-week, three-session prep program uses TOEFL iBT® practice exams, textbooks, and advanced listening software.