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The American Language Center offers Specialized Test Preparation Courses for the following examinations:  SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, iTEP.  Students may study in small groups (maximum 4 students) or privately.

International students  must take a standardized test of English to move into higher levels of education and employment. There are four popular English language proficiency tests that universities or employers  use. They are the Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL, the Test of English for International Communication, TOEIC,  the International English Language Testing System, IELTS, and the International Test of English Proficiency, iTEP.

There is also a verbal and reasoning test, SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is required for admission to most US and many global (including Italian) undergraduate universities.

In most cases, the choice is clear. A student applying to a school learns which test the program requires. However, some programs or universities will accept scores from any of the international tests of English. Then, a student may choose which test to take.


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The TOEFL Exam evaluates  English used in the classroom

Students take the Internet-based TOEFL, or TOEFL IBT, on a computer. Many U.S. and international universities require the TOEFL IBT for international student admissions.

For young English learners, there are two new TOEFL tests. The TOEFL Junior Test is for young people between 11 and 15 years old. And the TOEFL Primary Test is for those over the age of eight.

IELTS evaluates  academic and general language skills

The IELTS has two forms. The Listening and Speaking sections are the same for both forms. In the Reading and Writing sections, however, there are two different tests.

The Academic IELTS uses topics and materials covered in undergraduate, graduate, or professional programs.

The General IELTS uses topics and material from everyday books, newspapers and magazines.

The SAT (technically known as the SAT I) is a general test of verbal and quantitative reasoning accepted for U. S. college admissions. The test is required for admission to undergraduate programs of most US universities

The TOEIC tests workplace communication

The Educational Testing Service, ETS, in Princeton, New Jersey, develops and administers both the TOEFL and the TOEIC. The TOEIC measures the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment and is often utilized for business purposes.

The TOEIC is based on English used in the workplace. But the test does not require knowledge of special business words. The questions come from real situations like attending a company meeting.

Organizations sometimes use the TOEIC to measure progress in English training programs. They also use it to consider people for placement at the right level in language programs. ETS says that 14,000 organizations in 150 countries use the TOEIC.

The iTEP tests academic, general, business and conversational communication and is available on-demand 24/7, with turnaround results in 24 hours!





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